Benefits of the GPS running watches

When you are running, it is necessary that you know just how much you have covered at a given time. It will not be possible to have such records without a timer. Nowadays, you can have the timer with you in the form of a GPS watch. It is an accurate way to keep track of your progress. A GPS watch has numerous benefits for runners. Garmin Forerunner GPS running watches is one of the best in the world. In case you are not sure that you should invest in a GPS watch, these benefits will give you more reasons to get one.

Real-time tracking

real-time timing

At the time, you may feel like running is never-ending. By using a GPS watch, you will have real-time stats that will help you know how long you have been training. The watch has GPS sensors which will record the distance, pace, calories burnt and time. You can also change the display to show only what you want when you are running. Your watch will give you alerts even when you are just doing easy runs. You get alerts for every kilometer that you cover.

Tracking your progress

A GPS will help you track your performance. It has a heart rate monitor that will give you a clear view of the amount of energy you use every day. By monitoring your training, you can see how far or near you are from reaching your goal. In case you are not reaching your set target, then you will know and change the training strategy. It will be easy to reach your goals when you can track your progress anytime.


When you are running alone, you may lack the motivation to go that extra mile. A GPs running watch will give you the motivation you need. It will motivate you to keep going and push you to exceed previous day performance. There are also some watches that come with a virtual racer that will allow you to compete against yourself.



GPS running watches are very accurate. It has an accuracy of about +/-3 feet. Given this accuracy level, you are guaranteed of getting results that will show what you have covered. The battery used in the GPS watch can last for about 8 to 20 hours when in training mode. Thus, you do not have to worry about your tracker dying before you even finish your long run. You will have enough training time and achieve your goals.