What is Cloud Phone System?

What is Cloud Phone System?

Switching your phone service to the cloud offers a lot of additional flexibility. It typically caters to startup businesses, small to medium businesses and even large corporations. Anybody with a distributed workforce where you’ve got multiple people around the globe or even just in the US, you’re going to benefit from the cloud. We will be discussing phone systems in the cloud. We’ll go over how businesses can save money, time and headaches with this modern approach to unified communications benefit from having your phone system in the cloud. Here are the top benefits of cloud phone system.


Quick Setup

Cloud deployment can typically be done very quick. There’s no truck roll from a service provider, where they have to roll the truck to your location, run cabling and have to deliver hardware. All that’s off the table. The setup time for a traditional circuit can be months, whereas cloud is much faster. A cloud phone system is much closer to plug-and-play than a non-prime.


Saves Time and Money

Cloud-based communications are cost-effective for businesses because you don’t have to pay hefty installation fees to get these things installed. All you’re going to do is deploy phones out there. The provider has all the heavy equipment and just sends the service to you, so it saves you a ton of money. Monthly billing is predictable because you typically have unlimited minutes and all you’re going to pay are in-user usage fees. Time-saving is another thing to think about. The setup time and maintenance for cloud don’t require a specialized IT staff. This gives you a lot of additional time savings. You can also be up and running quick as discussed earlier compared to a nonprime phone system. You can also empower your existing employees to manage their phone preferences without involving IT which also saves time.


Going Mobile

Phone systems in the cloud are perfect for mobile employees. Typically, they come with a mobile application that connects them to the phone system from wherever they happen to be. Those mobile applications have similar if not the same features that desktop phones have and keep those mobile employees connected. Let’s discuss the features available in cloud solutions. For SMBs you’re typically able to get the kind of features that you would have to pay for an enterprise-class solution. You can get those within a cloud solution at a lower cost price and not the enterprise price. You can also get access to features like advanced call logs, conferencing call, recording mobility and much more.


Scaling Up and Down

A cloud application is perfect if your business has ebbs and flows to its seasonal businesses. So say you’re a tax business or accounting firm and you’re really busy from January to May, and you need to scale up your users, you’ll just pay for the users that you have and then when may comes around, you scale back. You won’t be stuck with a hefty PBX that you pay for the entire amount. You only pay for what you’ll use.
The Reduction in IT Expense. With a cloud phone system, the vendor that you choose does the majority of the phone system maintenance and support. This allows your IT department to focus on more strategic business initiatives for your organization. The complex elements of the phone system are managed by that vendor, and that lessens the IT berg.



These are several reasons why it’s beneficial for your company to move to the cloud. Cloud Phone system is very effective and has helped many SMBs. This is the future of phone systems.…

What Are Drones and How Are They Helpful Today?

What Are Drones and How Are They Helpful Today?

We are going to answer the following two commonly asked questions in the military and piloting cycles: what are drones and how are they helpful today? By definition, drones are aerial systems which are piloted remotely. According to the military protocol, drones are referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The common situations in which drones are used are in conditions where flights that are manned are too risky to be used, or there is a need for a 24-hour surveillance from the sky. In the latter case, real-time response is needed for quick decision making.

In the recent past, however, there are increasingly ways in which the drones are being used. Drones have now been put to more additional use than was the case 15 years ago. The relationship between drones and terrorists and wars is no longer directly proportional. Surprisingly, the mention of drones still evokes fear in people, yet, you can get drones under £100 in various stores. To remedy this, different countries and states have put in place legislation to govern and manage the use of drones. Obtaining certification and licensing for drone flying should be the starting point for any person.

How are drones helpful today?

Live events capture

drone flyingDrones have become useful when capturing live events that are happening like weddings, performances at concerts, sporting events, etc. Drones have made work easier since the trouble of having cameras hanging from cables is no longer there. Drones can move in whatever direction that the pilot wants. This is, of course, being remote.

Survey of dangerous areas

The deepest end of any forest can now be accessed courtesy of drones. These deepest ends can now be looked at more closely and necessary actions were taken.


Law enforcement

This use of drones remains one of the main objectives why they were invented. The drones will come in handy by the police when tracking down terrorists, identification of their locations and shooting where necessary.

Delivery of items

drones deliveryProducts and parcels to companies can now be delivered using drones. The drones are not only cost-effective but also saves time. Online stores are leading on this front because after items are purchased, drones become the channel of delivery.

Shooting movies and commercials

Aerial shots remain the best as far as movies and commercials shooting are concerned. The movie and commercial director will work closely with the drone controller to get the clearest footage.

Wildlife protection

Drones have and continue to play a key role in the protection of the endangered and threatened wildlife species. Drones are now used by organizations to track their habitats, and necessary preventive actions can be taken in case of danger.

In conclusion, having answered the questions: what are drones and how are they helpful today? It is important to note that the use of drones will definitely increase moving forward. Companies are pumping money into research that will unravel more ways in which drones can be used. Who knows, we could soon see competitions being organized for racing of drones and winners walking away with prizes including money.…