Types of printer and copiers

printerfeeeedbhjfThere are various types of copiers and printers which can be used for different activities in your work environment. They range from laser to snapshot, and your choice depends on your needs. The following are some of the types of printers in the market today.


This is the most common type of printer and it is found in smaller business as well as homes which do not require a lot of printing daily. It uses more ink because it has to produce a more detailed image than laser printers. It also prints on the page by releasing ink via tiny holes, and this reduces smears and blotting.inkjetprintersavdbhncjfxk

Solid Ink

This is a printer in which ink is produced in some solid piece which looks like a crayon. The piece of is melted and sent to the ink applicator which drips the ink where and when necessary. This printer is slower than laser printers but quicker than the inkjet type. It is also environmentally friendly since it does not have any toxic chemicals.


Printers are also a unit to print photographs. If you are involved in photography, and photo distribution can make use of this handy printer. Snapshot printers come in various sizes depending on the type of paper and the model you use. They have preview screens where you can view the exact pictures that will be printed.

Dot matrix

Dot matrix is also known as impact printers. They were first printers to be used. It has a thin ribbon inside it which hits the paper hence staining your desired wording or image on the surface. It has a series of pins which push into the ribbon to make an impression.


laserprintersagdxhfvLaser printers are those that use light produce an image on the printing paper. With laser printers, the drum in the printer has ink which gets rolled onto the page and baked at very high speeds. These printers can only be used in work environments due to the speed at which paper gets produced and also because most companies require intense details. The ink used by the laser jets are cheaper compared to inkjet.

When you decide to buy a printer or copier for your workplace or home, you should research on its benefits for you. Speed is often an important consideration since most people use printers and copiers in the office. Check out these different types to see what is best for your needs.