What do you Need in a Gaming PC

PC gaming has been around since 2005, with a lot of people from many background play games. A lot of people tend to pick PC gaming compared to a console as a PC can serve more than just gaming, mainly if your job relies on the heavy usage of a computer. Perhaps you’re reading this article in hopes to buy a gaming PC, but you have no clue on how to build one. But do not worry, on this article we’re going to discuss what you need for a great gaming PC.

listBudget and checklist

Before you start on buying stuff for your gaming pc, we suggest on making a list of what you want to buy, and to balance it out with your budget. Make a research on the predicted price of the stuff that you’re going to buy while also making sure that your budget can afford it. You can always build a $500 gaming PC if you know what to get.

Tip: you can always opt for a smaller HDD (hard disk drive) for a better processor, graphics card or memory, as an external HDD can still be bought later.

board cpuMotherboard

Like the name says, a motherboard is a board that houses all of the supporting parts of the PC inside the CPU. Think of motherboard as a big board where you put all of the components inside; The bigger your components are, the more significant motherboard you’re going to need.

Memory (RAM)

Memory in a computer is used to run on things, the higher memory that you have, the faster your computer will run and process all of the stuff. We recommend getting at least 4 GB of ram for your computer to run smoothly, 8 or 16 is more preferred if you want an excellent experience in gaming.

Tip: before buying a memory stick, make sure that your motherboard can handle more than one memory stick, this is why we suggest on getting a bigger motherboard in case you’re going to buy more memory.

fan Graphics card

GPU or graphics card play a lot on your gaming PC, how good will the game looks like depends on a GPU, the better your GPU is, the better the graphics will look like. Make sure that you do a thorough review of what graphics card that you’re going to get. GPU is usually the most expensive component in building PC; we recommend getting NVIDIA as it is one of the best GPU out there or AMD for a cheaper alternative.