Reduce CAPEX by
Why choose Nimboxx?
scale elastically,
one unit at a time
Add nodes affordably - as you need them
to meet business needs
A complete open
source stack
Save money by eliminating the need
for other software licenses
restore data in
just minutes
Restore critical data quickly and seamlessly
in the event of loss or corruption
Single pane of glass
Enjoy MeshOS with dynamic workload
allocation and storage orchestration
Virtual Machine
Get the flexibility you need with virtual
systems and components

Discover the power of our hyperconverged infrastructure

Why hyper-converged infrastructure? Hyperconverged Infrastructure simplifies administration tasks, allows expansion and increases overall IO performance to an incredibly efficient degree. As a hyper converged infrastructure vendor, Nimboxx allows our systems to expand outward, scaling horizontally, something that traditional disk based servers restricted. Instead of having a team to manage each separate component, a hyperconverged infrastructure solution allows one team, or even a single person, to manage the complete hyper-converged end-to-end platform.

Unmatched I/O performance
Simplest, lowest-cost path to virtualization
High availability for applications
Improved energy efficiency
Deployment in under 9 minutes
No hypervisor licenses
Customized storage price/ performance/ capacity per workload
What is hyperconverged infrastructure?
Hyperconverged Infrastructure - often called HCI or HCIS - is a software-centric infrastructure system that integrates computing, storage, networking and orchestration into one unified box. Combining these resources into a single commodity hardware box frees up rack space for other resources and reduces the day to day maintenance dramatically. Often compared to the earlier converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure consolidates each device into a single node for easier administration.

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